Birds of Paradise Women's asymmetrical t-shirt

Some bright colors for a grey and rainy day!

I'm finally done with this new t-shirt that I started on Sunday! I was hopping to have it done by Monday but was interrupted by our lovely neighbors who invited us last minute for a BBQ. We couldn't refuse the invitation. So I finished the shirt on Tuesday morning, but had to wait late afternoon to take the pictures as it was raining. It's now all done and up on my website:)

Fabrics all cut and hand printed. The white part of the t-shirt is hand printed in black using a stencil that I created.

I always enjoy mixing fabrics together and bring a little personal touch with the hand printing, making my clothes more unique.

The seams are made in red to bring some contrast, and left visible for a more modern look and originality.

Cut in the back to make it more original.

This patchwork t-shirt has a fitted cut for a feminine line.

For those of you who prefer puffy sleeves and a more romantic look:


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