Unique designs to celebrate the 4th of July

I like to do something different than the traditional 4th of July designs that you can see around. So I created these designs that are very unique and be also versatile as they can be worn all spring summer and also for the 4th of July or other national events.

The Victoria jersey swing top is very feminine and has a retro look with the polka dots and puffy sleeves. This tunic is fitted at the bodice and becomes flared at the empire waist. This shape is a great fit and flattering for any shape. My curvy customers love this design.

The Julia and the Julie patchwork t-shirts are both one of a kind t-shirts and won't be duplicated. I used different cotton lycra jerseys in the shades navy, red and white, and combined polka dots, stripes and flowers. The red flowers are all hand printed and I also used them to make a small applique at the bottom of each shirt. The Julia shirt is a size Large and the Julia top a size Medium.

Julia shirt - Size Large

Julie shirt - Size Medium

The Classic Polka Dots t-shirt is very romantic and feminine with its puffy sleeves and the white lace and red bows. This t-shirt is a size Medium.


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