Elephant Women's t-shirts

I had this beautiful black and white ethnic elephant print that I absolutely love. Unfortunately I'm at the end of this fabric. As I had a couple of small pieces left over I decided to use them in a patchwork t-shirt. I mixed this fabric together with a black and white polka dot jersey, and some floral jersey that I hand printed with my stamps that I designed. The big elephant is also hand printed using a stencil.

I ended up makin a t-shirt size Medium. As soon as one of my friends saw this top, she asked if I could make one in size Large. I was fortunate enough to have more left overs in the elephant print and made a size Large, a bit different than the size Medium.

Both t-shirts are one of a kind.

T-shirt size Medium

 All the fabrics used are 95% cotton 5% lycra jerseys.

The big elephant is hand printed on a white cotton lycra jersey.

Details of the back of the t-shirt.

T-shirt size Large


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